About Us

Vizcosa is a resort wear label created to bring color to your life! Vizcosa is made for women who love to dress stylish and are not afraid to make a statement and turn heads, while always feeling comfortable on their on their own style.

Vizcosa was born in Sydney Australia by our founder Carmen, who has always loved resort wear, and has inherited her love for clothing and fashion  from her grandmother who was a talented dressmaker.

 “I have worked in the fashion and retail industry my entire life, and I had  to wear always dark color clothes to work, so on the weekend all I wanted was to wear color and fell more me". Then, is when the "bring color to your life" concept was born. I love neutral tones too, but  I know that many times color  will put you in a happy mood.

People started to admire my style and  love for flowy, easy to wear outfits, and that is when Vizcosa was born and evolved into our first collection of resort wear  inspired by travel and exotic destinations. I opened an stand on the Glebe Markets in Sydney, where we gained so many amazing customers and the rest is history!

Vizcosa has been incredibly well received in Australian  has now expanded its wings to the USA where is now based and ships all around the globe to its very supportive community.

A unique thing about Vizcosa is the fact that we cater for small beauties, plus-size goddesses and all sizes in between.

"Thank you for stopping by, and please stay tuned for our  new range of products on the making, in the meantime get inspired by our amazing reviews, or drop us an email at hello@vizcosa.com to say hello, when I am not running after my 3 busy boys I will personally reply back.”


Carmen x

“Bring color to your life!"