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One of the questions I get asked sometimes is where the inspiration for our garments come from.
I'm inspired by my travels or stunning holiday places I would like to visit.
You may notice lately that  I have a fascination for African destinations.

So when doing research about stunning African towns and cities, I came across The  Maasai Tribe.
The Maasai are an ethnic group inhabiting Kenya and Tanzania. They are among the best known local populations due to their distinctive customs and dress.
Their colorful ways got my attention so much that I decided to create and name a print after them and that is how the Maasai kaftan was born.

There is always a special meaning on my heart for every single print we create here at Vizcosa.
and from time to time I love to share it with you, so you can know the meaning behind the beautiful garment you are wearing.
Here are a few more interesting facts about the fascinating Maasai, enjoy!


*The Maasai culture is eroding. They currently fight to keep their lifestyle and culture. They are nomadic families who live out of their livestock, they live in houses with not windows and often drink cows blood.


Carmen xx

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