5 Reasons to love Kaftans .. Number 3 is our favourite

5 Reasons to love Kaftans .. Number 3 is our favourite


They are Elegant:

Kaftans have been the garment of choice for centuries in many cultures, they resemble power, elegance, and royalty. In modern days kaftans are made of silk, georgette, and beautiful fabrics, and decorated with stones to give them an even more special touch, whether you are attending a wedding a cocktail party or a casual lunch with the girls, you will always look the part wearing your favourite Kaftan.


    Light fabric, stays fresh and flows with the wind:

    If you are booking a holiday, packing a couple of Kaftans will not only take little room in your luggage but also keep the weight to a minimum. On the other hand, they are perfect to be worn on their own during warmer days, as they are very light and breathable. ( PS: you can always wear a slip underneath as the weather gets cooler)


     You will have more fun at the BBQ: 

    Knowing your kaftan keeps the big meal tummy in hiding it’s just priceless. Kaftans are meant to fit lose and a little ooversized so don’t be afraid, they will not look like a tent, they are simply flowy garments that are best when they fit lose. Now that is comfort with style.However, if you would like to add some shape, get creative wearing a belt or adding a knot at the back using the same fabric, it looks as beautiful and will showcase your figure if that is more your style


    You can wear them with different shoes and it will make a totally new outfit: 

    Wear heels for a wedding or cocktail occasion, preferably strappy nude, gold or silver for dressy events.

    Change to wedges or platforms for an afternoon lunch or a day out of shopping, this is a very smart and casual look. And don’t forget your flats while a day out at the beach or by the pool side.


      Will not lose shape with not stretch or shrink

      Not more adjusting yourself all day. Your kaftan will keep its shape all day, will not get bigger or smaller as the day goes by. So wear with confident and enjoy looking glamorous all day and off course super comfy.

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