Care Instructions



  • All our garments purchased online are carefully steamed before packing it, however creases can form while travelling to you
  • To care for your Vizcosa please follow the care instructions on your products care label.
  • As soon as the garment arrives we recommend to hag it to help reduce the creases that could have formed while travelling to you, the creases will naturally fall while the garments is hanged
  • When taking your Vizcosa on holidays hang it as soon as arriving to the hotel, a great tip is to hang on the bathroom, the steam created by the shower will be a similar effect to a steamer
  • Most of our garments are loose fitting which allow you not to dry clean after every wear. To refresh them we recommend steaming, and hanging in an airy place.
  • It is an option to use an iron on a low silk friendly setting, if using an iron do not place any heat over the beading/embellishments.


Vizcosa garments are made with delicate fabrics, please take care when wearing jewelry as they may snag. 



If you’d like to alter your Vizcosa garment, please ensure you use a tailor that you trust.

You can also send the garment back to us with specific instructions and we will do the alterations for you, usually the cost is 29.99 and you can purchase the service on this link

 The cost of delivery to us and back to you will be covered by you, please use a trusted postal service as  Vizcosa will not be responsible for garments lost in transit.

Any garment that has been altered cannot be exchanged, refunded and returned. Please see our return policy here)


When dry cleaning your Vizcosa garments please take it to a trusted, specialty dry cleaner.

we are not responsible for mishandling of the items, and any damaged caused will be considered wear and tear.



All our embellishments are applied by hand for that reason not garment is the same as the other.

With wear and washes, it is rare but normal that some crystals can come off.


If too many crystals fall, please contact us and we will supply matching crystals  at not cost to you and, please note the replacement stones may not be the exact same as the original because our garments are unique, however we will supply with suitable replenishment.

 If you wish to send the garment back for stones replacement please note the cost of delivery to us and back to you will be covered by you, please use a trusted postal service as  Vizcosa will not be responsible for garments lost in transit.


we use 100% Silk, Silk blend,  and Polyester Georgette on our product, if you are allergic to any of these fabrics, please consult your doctor before wearing Vizcosa.

The Garments are digitally printed, for that reason, any irregularities on the fabric are  not defects. Any damaged on the fabric or stones after the item has been worn, washed or has been with the customer for over 30 days  after arrival is considered wear and tear and Vizcosa is not responsible for any damaged

 For any questions not covered here, please email us at

and our Vizcosa girls will get back within 48 hours.



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