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New Arrival - The Tenerife Short Kaftan March 05 2018, 91 Comments


If you are one of the many women who fall in love with the Tenerife Maxi, you will love to add the Tenerife Kaftan to your collection.

Due to popular demand, this stunning print is now available in a kaftan style, juts in time for your Easter wardrobe.

If you already ordered yours let us know what did you think.

The TENERIFE KAFTAN  is a stunning dress decorated with embellished details on the neck area manually applied over the most beautiful snake print. It is a stunning dress ideal to wear to a cruise dinner, wedding, cocktail, or from work to play.



APRIL GIVEAWAY April 07 2017, 181 Comments


Due to popular demand, our giveaways are back!

WIN a free Airlie silk kaftan valued at $249.

To enter:

Like, share and tag a friend ( or more ) on this post Featured on our facebook Page.

A lucky winner will be chosen and announced on the 30th of April.

The more you share the more chances to win, so don't miss out.


Good luck ladies x



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THE MAASAI KAFTAN'S HISTORY February 23 2017, 1348 Comments


Hi beautiful
One of the questions I get asked sometimes is where the inspiration for our garments come from.
I'm inspired by my travels or stunning holiday places I would like to visit.
You may notice lately that  I have a fascination for African destinations.

So when doing research about stunning African towns and cities, I came across The  Maasai Tribe.
The Maasai are an ethnic group inhabiting Kenya and Tanzania. They are among the best known local populations due to their distinctive customs and dress.
Their colorful ways got my attention so much that I decided to create and name a print after them and that is how the Maasai kaftan was born.

There is always a special meaning on my heart for every single print we create here at Vizcosa.
and from time to time I love to share it with you, so you can know the meaning behind the beautiful garment you are wearing.
Here are a few more interesting facts about the fascinating Maasai, enjoy!


*The Maasai culture is eroding. They currently fight to keep their lifestyle and culture. They are nomadic families who live out of their livestock, they live in houses with not windows and often drink cows blood.


Carmen xx

WHAT TO WEAR THIS VALENTINE'S DAY February 06 2017, 30 Comments

With Valentine's day around the corner, we selected our favorite Pink and red prints that will be perfect for a date night, lunch with the girls or to take with you on your holiday.

whether you are celebrating with you partner, best friend or family, make sure to spread and celebrate love!


The Vizcosa girls x





What to wear to a wedding January 19 2017, 17 Comments

Wedding wardrobe dilemmas?

Weddings are the perfect excuse to dress up and get creative with your wardrobe choices. Have you ever wonder if a kaftan will be the best wardrobe choice for such a special occasion? The answer is yes. In modern days a wedding does not have to be held at a beach or tropical destination for a kaftan to be the appropriate wardrobe option.

Whether you are a guest or attending as the mother of the bride or groom, you can look a million dollars flaunting your favourite silk gown while feeling comfortable and ready to dance the night away.

Here are a few rules to go by when making your choice:

1) LONG VS SHORT: when in doubt, more is more, so preferably pick a long kaftan. The free-flowing feel of the fabric will win you all the compliments of the night.

If you prefer short kaftans, pair it with suit style pants, they look very elegant and chances are you will have a pair already in your closet.

2)FLORAL IS ALWAYS ON TREND: Floral prints work especially well for daytime weddings, (there is something romantic about them). You can pair them up with very plain sandals or closed toe pumps to keep the rest of outfit simple while the colourful print steals the show

2) AVOID LOOKING BRIDAL: This sounds obvious, but remember to stay away from beige, off white, whites, too much lace or anything that can look any closer to the wedding dress, wear your boldest colours instead, unless the invitation asks otherwise.

3) DON’T BE AFRAID OF COLOUR: Even though black is accepted at weddings, why not use the opportunity to flaunt your favourite tribal, animal or abstract prints instead? Besides, the colour looks amazing in pictures.

4) ADD SPARKLE: sparkles are perfect especially for an evening wedding or cocktail reception, even if your garment does not have stones, you can add sparkly jewellery such big earrings or chunky necklaces.

5) MAXI DRESS OR KAFTAN? They both look amazing, the more formal the occasion the kaftan will look dressier, but if the theme is a little more casual, a maxi dress will fit the brief

In sum, you cannot go wrong with a stunning silk gown that is full of colour and sparkles by day or night. To complement the outfit, choose shimmery accessories and plain colour shoes and clutches. Most importantly be comfortable, confidence is the best accessory you can wear


6) WINTER WEDDING: in cooler months, all you need to do is add an undergarment such a slip or petticoat to keep you warm. Also, keep a nice dark suit style jacket handy if the ceremony is held outside, once indoors you will not need to worry too much about getting cold.


The Vizcosa girls x



What to wear to a cruise ship January 11 2017, 14 Comments


We receive a lot of questions regarding what to wear to a cruise or on holidays, so we decided to put together a little guide that will help you know what to pack for your next adventure.

Let’s face it, there is nothing worst that to pack too much staff,  only to realise  three things:  1) You did not need all those outfits, 2) You did not bring everything you actually need it,  3) You will have to go shopping at the cruise shops and pay three times as much.

But don’t worry we have all been there so here are a few suggestions that may come in handy


The rule will be "resort casual" which means you can add a touch of glamor but keep in simple.

Sheer kaftans over your swimmers look great at the pool. for lunch or daytime activities a short kaftan paired with shorts or Capri pants will be perfect.

In terms of shoes, flats are best, jeweled sandals or wedges are great options.



Day trips are all about comfort.

You will spend most of the time at the beach, landmarks or shops. A long kaftan or Maxidress will keep you cool, comfortable and can be dressed up and dressed down. Don't forget to bring an oversized tote to keep your essential for the day and maybe a spare pair of denim shorts for the beach



"RESORT FORMAL” for evening events, dinner or shows. it means elegant, but not red carpet gown. basically, wear something you would to a wedding or cocktail, but that you would wear again. Add bold jewels to complement a silk kaftan. Be sure to opt for long garments with bold colors, black or white dresses will work too.


The idea is to pack light and to bring clothing that can be dressed up or down. Clothes that you can wear more than once without looking like is the same outfit, and that even while wearing flats looks glamorous and resort like.



The Vizcosa girls x



HOW TO WEAR ANIMAL PRINT..Featuring the Jaguar Love Kaftan October 27 2016, 32 Comments

Animal print will always be in style. called it Jaguar, leopard, Zebra,  or tiger; animal print is considered a neutral thanks to its versatile nature and how easy it is to wear to different occasions, so feel free to mix it with other colors, even with other prints.
Animal print outfits will take you from the beach to a wedding just by adding some jewels and heels.It all comes down to creativity and to the occasion.
Here are some styling ideas  that will apply to most animal print garments in your
You can dress up your kaftan for occasions such a wedding, a Christmas party, a work function or a date night. To achieve the dressed up look, be sure to incorporate big and bold accessories that will stand out, just be careful not to overdo it, for example: only wear big necklaces with stud earrings instead of big ones.
If you choose big long earrings, you can also add a bold bracelet to match, but avoid wearing anything on the neck.
If yo want to accentuate your waist, a leather or gold belt will work wonders, and you can still add black, nude or matching gold heels to the look.
Animal print can be worn in any season: For winter wear with leggings or denim, paired up with a fitted jacket ( black, brown, nude or denim).However when the weather warms up  you can loose the layers and add your favorite sparkly accessories and strappy heels, ideal for a lunch with the girls.
pictures by Bec from www.styledbybec.com.au
Flat sandals, flip flops or wedges are very appropriate while on holidays, will make your outfit look sophisticated even when you play it down
Ballerina flats or pumps will look chic for a work day
Do you have any more styling tips? 
Comment and share below....
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How to wear embellished Garments September 05 2016, 15 Comments


Embellished garments are naturally elegant, dressy and ideal to wear at night time or special occasions...however during the last few years’ sparkly garments have made the leap from formal, to casual and everything in between.

Good news is, there is a lot more you can do to style you embellished outfit, so you can wear them even at the school gate….read on to learn more ways to accessorize your  Vizcosa kaftan.



If your kaftan is short wear it with a pair of denim jeans or Capri pants, and add wedges or embellished sandals. This appearance is casual and looks very smart for a day out shopping without looking overdressed.


Keep accessories small: when going out to dinner: If you are wearing a heavy beaded kaftan and would like to look a bit understated, wear plain stud earrings or plain gold hoops, to give the clothing an effortless feel while looking stunning


Cruise ship glamor: Don’t be afraid of flaunting an embellished kaftan at the poolside over your swimwear, just ensure to keep your choice of shoes flat and hair and makeup minimal. We love this look because every woman deserves to feel a million dollars even while just lounging and sipping cocktails on holidays


And for the office: neutralize a fancy sparkling kaftan top with black loose trousers and ballerina flats or simple black pumps


There you have it, be sure to give some of those tips a try and elevate your style from nice to wow without sacrificing comfort. Ah!  And let us know if you have other tips you would like to share

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Carmen nd the Vizcosa girls

5 Reasons to love Kaftans .. Number 3 is our favourite August 24 2016, 21 Comments


They are Elegant:

Kaftans have been the garment of choice for centuries in many cultures, they resemble power, elegance, and royalty. In modern days kaftans are made of silk, georgette, and beautiful fabrics, and decorated with stones to give them an even more special touch, whether you are attending a wedding a cocktail party or a casual lunch with the girls, you will always look the part wearing your favourite Kaftan.


    Light fabric, stays fresh and flows with the wind:

    If you are booking a holiday, packing a couple of Kaftans will not only take little room in your luggage but also keep the weight to a minimum. On the other hand, they are perfect to be worn on their own during warmer days, as they are very light and breathable. ( PS: you can always wear a slip underneath as the weather gets cooler)


     You will have more fun at the BBQ: 

    Knowing your kaftan keeps the big meal tummy in hiding it’s just priceless. Kaftans are meant to fit lose and a little ooversized so don’t be afraid, they will not look like a tent, they are simply flowy garments that are best when they fit lose. Now that is comfort with style.However, if you would like to add some shape, get creative wearing a belt or adding a knot at the back using the same fabric, it looks as beautiful and will showcase your figure if that is more your style


    You can wear them with different shoes and it will make a totally new outfit: 

    Wear heels for a wedding or cocktail occasion, preferably strappy nude, gold or silver for dressy events.

    Change to wedges or platforms for an afternoon lunch or a day out of shopping, this is a very smart and casual look. And don’t forget your flats while a day out at the beach or by the pool side.


      Will not lose shape with not stretch or shrink

      Not more adjusting yourself all day. Your kaftan will keep its shape all day, will not get bigger or smaller as the day goes by. So wear with confident and enjoy looking glamorous all day and off course super comfy.

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        The Vizcosa girls.